Yernar Assignment 6 Tutor report form

Overall Comments

Your third film shows progression from the first two. As a series of three you have produced an empathetic body of work that does justice to your subject matter. Your essay contextualises your practical work more than satisfactorily and develops arguments around the representation of disabled people, engaging with history, contemporary practice and theory.
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Yernar Assignment 6

Unlike the previous 2 films, where Dinara did not want to be shown in moving images and the interview material with Adilzhan had too many hesitations and false starts, Yernar speaks with confidence and fluency and we were able to complete his interview in one take. I have chosen to insert two sections of moving image in the film, which form the opening and closing sequences. Continue reading “Yernar Assignment 6”

Yernar Sarseyev – first visit

Yernar is a lawyer, and works with the parents of children who attend the centre, as well as giving legal advice in a more general way. The first time we met I explained the rationale behind my project, and he was the first to ask what my interest was in disabled people. I explained that first of all I abhor injustice, that secondly I enjoy challenging stereotypes, and that thirdly I enjoy meeting people and getting to know their stories – under the skin as it were. Continue reading “Yernar Sarseyev – first visit”

Yernar – second visit

Second visit

Again, not a visit per se, but we arranged to meet at the centre. Since Yernar is not a full-time employee, he does not have a permanent office, and on this occasion we set up an impromptu office in one of the classrooms. He told me that he gives legal counselling to the parents on issues concerning their children. While I was filming he was discussing some of the rights and benefits these parents were entitled to. Since their own cases are confidential, I asked Yernar to discuss general issues with them while I filmed with the microphone turned on. Continue reading “Yernar – second visit”

Yernar – third visit

Third visit

Since Yernar only works on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 4, I have to wait for suitable opportunities as I am usually working myself at that time. As soon as a window appeared I gave him a call and he told me to come over and we’d shoot a session where he’s on his way to work. He really gets the idea about presenting some kind of narrative, and suggested showing the process himself. Continue reading “Yernar – third visit”

Yernar – fourth visit

Fourth visit

I had arranged with Yernar to interview him at the day centre, since with a newborn baby in the apartment I didn’t think there’d be much chance of getting a peaceful environment in which to record. However, on the day that we were supposed to meet, there was a problem with the InvaTaxi service he had booked, and he was unable to get to the centre. Off the cuff, I asked him if it’d be alright if I came to his place to record the interview. After consulting with his wife, he called me back and said it’d be ok if I came right over, so I threw all my equipment in a bag and rushed over to his place as quickly as I could. Continue reading “Yernar – fourth visit”