Phel Steinmetz

Looking up Steinmetz (which was not easy since Sekula called him Philip A, and online he’s listed as Phel) I came across this photo:

From left – Allan Sekula, Fred Lonidier, Phel Steinmetz, and Martha Rosler, San Diego, 1976
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Fred Lonidier

Unlike Smith, Lonidier takes the same photographs that a doctor might. When the evidence is hidden within the body, Lonidier borrows and copies X-ray films. These pictures have a brute, clinical effect. Each worker’s story is reduced to a rather schematic account of injury, disease, hospitalization, and endless bureaucratic run-around by companies trying to shirk responsibility and liability.” (Sekula 1984, p 67) Continue reading “Fred Lonidier”

Allan Sekula, Dismantling Modernism, Reinventing Documentary (Notes on the Politics of Representation)

Found an interesting essay by Allan Sekula in his collection of essays and photoworks.

Political domination, especially in the advanced capitalist countries and the more developed neo-colonies, depends on an exaggerated symbolic apparatus, on pedagogy and spectacle, on the authoritarian monologues of school and mass media. These are the main agents of working class obedience and docility; these are the main promoters of phony consumer options, of ” lifestyle ,” and increasingly, of political reaction, nihilism, and everyday sadomasochism. Any effective political art will have to be grounded in work against these institutions.” (1984, p 55) Continue reading “Allan Sekula, Dismantling Modernism, Reinventing Documentary (Notes on the Politics of Representation)”