Dinara Assignment 4 Tutor feedback form reflections

Since submitting this film for tutor feedback, I have condensed two slides of text into one, the reason being that I had initially intended to include information from Bibigul about the differing Rhesus factor between her and Dinara that may have caused Dinara’s jaundice. In the event, I did not include this information since it would have meant adding a lot more information from Bibigul, which would have encroached on Dinara’s narrative. Continue reading “Dinara Assignment 4 Tutor feedback form reflections”

Dinara Assignment 2 Tutor report reflections

Although I had been exploring other ways of presenting the images, we have decided that image and spoken word works better than image with text. This is partly because of audience expectations (they expect to see what appears to be a video accompanied by spoken word rather than written text) as well as commercial considerations of time and impact. As I have already suggested, the image/text combinations I saw on Fazal Sheikh’s website were of particular inspiration to me, and this kind of web gallery is something I’d like to explore in the future. Continue reading “Dinara Assignment 2 Tutor report reflections”

Dinara Assignment 2

Due to a number of issues related to participants as well as concerns following the November assessment of my previous projects (YOP), my tutor advised me to begin looking at ways of presenting my material. I have been exploring a number of photographers who use text alongside images, particularly first person singular/plural narrative, from some of the work that came out of the FSA documentary project (Evans & Agee’s Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Lange & Taylor’s American Exodus, Wright’s 12 Million Black Voices), up to more recent work (Karen Knorr, Fazal Sheikh, Walid Ra’ad, Susan Meiselas) as well as the purely verbal transcription work of Studs Terkel. Continue reading “Dinara Assignment 2”

Dinara Assignment 1 Tutor report reflections

I have been using all the time I have available, which is essentially weekends, to do as much reading as possible. Not only does this inform my approach to disability, it also means that I am not wasting my time since I have been put off by all the participants because they are too busy, ill, depressed, have financial issues or other excuses. After a really positive beginning, I have begun to feel that perhaps these subjects aren’t interested after all. The problem is that I have already embarked on this so I’ll just have to grit my teeth and carry on! Continue reading “Dinara Assignment 1 Tutor report reflections”