Dinara Assignment 1

The images I have submitted for tutor assessment are those that I feel at this moment work within the narrative that I am trying to construct; in the event these may not be included or may be substituted for other images later on if I feel that they are not suitable for the narrative flow. Since this is a work in process nothing is set in stone at the present time.


Dinara_portrait: I want to include an image where Dinara is looking directly at the camera, relaxed and not necessarily posing, and an image that she is happy with! This last criterion is possibly the hardest to meet. This particular image she told me was “not bad”, I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities to get candid portraits, but at the moment this one works for me, since Dinara doesn’t strike one at first glance as being a person with disabilities, and her eyes are bright and clear.


Newspaper_article: this newspaper article is a feature from when Dinara was an infant. I need to translate the article and maybe get Bibigul to talk about it a little so that I can include it in the narrative. The newspaper is old and stained, and when I wanted to take a picture of it, Dinara offered to hold it flat for me, and I thought it was a nice touch to include her feet in the shot.




Embroidery: it is quite difficult to document the process, but I think a couple of close up shots and then one that gets the whole context will work in the narrative. Hopefully I can get to Dinara’s exhibition and add images from that to the narrative.



Bar: not entirely happy with this series. On the one hand, I wanted to show a different aspect of Dinara’s social life; on the other hand, it was all very ad hoc and I felt like I was intruding. Had we agreed beforehand that I would be shooting this sequence, I would have been prepared and maybe even able to orchestrate a little, but since it was decided at the last moment and I did not know Dinara’s friends I felt a little awkward. Nevertheless, we have agreed to do a similar photo shoot in the near future, so maybe some of these shots (or at least their essence) I can recreate and improve upon. Need to be prepared for anything. I was not focused.




Shopping: although this was an ad hoc series as well, I managed to pull it off since I was confident that there was a picture opportunity to be had. The narrative content is there, and the different angles of composition engage the viewer. Most importantly it is clear that Dinara is shopping, and that will slot easily into the narrative of how she lives from day to day.

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