Yernar Assignment 6 Tutor report form reflections

Looking at the film again, I understood what Les meant by captions repeating. It was the optical illusion of slide and caption fade in/out, which were a little close and so it appeared that the caption flickered or appeared twice. I have since tweaked that issue.

More importantly, Les mentioned that repetition of the consultation image gave the sense of going backwards, which was really not my intention. Since I have been experimenting with putting the moving image section in the middle rather than at either end, I had not really taken that aspect into consideration. I didn’t really want to simply replace the slide with another, which would have disrupted the flow of image-text, and so I reduced the soundtrack by 5 seconds. The part that I removed did not add any value to what Yernar is saying.

I had concerns that my essay is over length, but Les has advised me to submit as it is, since everything there is relevant to the issue and provides contextual and reflective information. This has restored my confidence and I will have the work printed and bound as soon as I can locate a decent print shop!

Les has also recommended going on to study at MA level, but I think I need a break from the pressure of study first! Thanks for the support, Les! I have really felt that Les is an erudite tutor who understands me (where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to say through my work) and who was able to give me the guidance and constructive criticism that I was in need of. We shared opinions and reflections on artists and writers at a level that I had not previously experienced with OCA. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the course, and hope to maintain professional contact with Les in the future.

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