Amanat – Third visit

On this particular day, Amanat and his group mates were scheduled to make a presentation, and he thought it would be interesting for me to attend, so we agreed with his lecturer and all was settled. When I arrived, Amanat and his group mates were in the computer room doing some last minute preparations.

I took the chance to set up my camera, since I knew the room they would be presenting in was facing in the same direction and would have sunlight streaming through the windows, so I was able to experiment with exposure compensation and see what values worked best with ISO values up around 1000-2000, aperture f4.

Not sure which of these images I will eventually use, probably the ones where Amanat looks serious and studious, and where there is clear interaction with the other students (between 3, 5, 8, 12).

During the presentation itself I was filming, although Amanat was extremely nervous and I’m not sure we’ll use the footage as he was hesitating rather a lot since he was presenting in English. Each group member presented a short section and then the group leader took over!

Once the group had finished, they sat back down and another group presented. I took shots of Amanat as he listened.

Again, the most important thing for me here is that he is included by the other students and they are interacting naturally. After the lecture had finished we went to the canteen so Amanat could grab some food to take away. He gets food subsidised by the university.

After that we went to the metro station with the intention of getting a train, but in the meantime his wife Meruert called and said she was going to pick him up – so we decided to do the public transport scenario another time.

Amanat is very open to to being filmed, but he does have a tendency to get embarrassed in front of the camera, and this shows in his body language. Not much I can do about that really.


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