Amanat – Fourth visit

Amanat lives on campus during the week, since that way he gets peace and quiet – enough to be able to do his homework. I thought it would be a good idea to show him cramming into the night with his roommate, Rakhman. We’re not sure whether we’re going to use these images, since Amanat isn’t sure that he wants to show he’s living in a dorm when he has a wife and children in another part of town! Anyway, we decided to go ahead with the shoot and then decide afterwards.

After we had done a few shots in the dorm, we went down to the computer room. The idea was to show Amanat cramming before his finals, with support from Rakhman.

Afterwards we all took the metro. I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d be allowed to take pictures, but I just went ahead and waited until someone told me not to. Sure enough, in the ticket hall I was told that it’s forbidden to take pictures, but everywhere else on the system was fine.

There is a wheelchair service, but as a rule it takes a very long time to get anyone to respond. Amanat thinks this is because nobody really knows whose responsibility it is. Eventually an attendant came to help us out. I asked if he minded whether I took his photo and he was also very forthcoming. Since this is the metro stop nearest the university, Amanat uses it quite a lot, so the attendant knows him and was very friendly and helpful.

Then something quite unexpected happened – the duty police officer came to lend a hand! Since I’d already asked permission to shoot from the attendant, I just kept on at it – it surprised me that the police officer did not say something, but since there was no objection and it was quite clear what I was doing, I continued.

So Amanat had the honour of a police escort down the escalator!! The attendant helped us with the next few flights of steps, some of which are equipped with chair lifts, some of them not.

The attendant was extremely helpful, accompanying us right onto the platform. Then after he had taken his leave, he returned again to see if Amanat needed a hand onto the train! I think he was enjoying the celebrity status, to be honest, buit it does make for some wonderful images:

Amanat had arranged for his children to be brought to the platform, but this was where I was getting off. We said goodbye, and the children jumped on the train as the doors opened:

A really productive day’s shooting, with plenty of material to choose from.


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