Yernar Assignment 6

Unlike the previous 2 films, where Dinara did not want to be shown in moving images and the interview material with Adilzhan had too many hesitations and false starts, Yernar speaks with confidence and fluency and we were able to complete his interview in one take. I have chosen to insert two sections of moving image in the film, which form the opening and closing sequences. Continue reading “Yernar Assignment 6”

Adilzhan Assignment 5 Tutor report form reflections

Although at times the image coincides with the voiceover to illustrate a point, I have avoided using a didactic approach. In this way I was able to incorporate images that Adilzhan and I feel reflect his life and attitude in general, rather than trying to match image and text exactly all the way through. This indeed creates space for absorption and meditation. Continue reading “Adilzhan Assignment 5 Tutor report form reflections”

Adilzhan Assignment 5

Although I had been having some doubts about ever being able to complete this project, Adilzhan finally came through and we managed to produce more than enough material to make a 3-minute film. I had filmed the interview with a view to combining still and moving image, but in the end I decided against using the moving footage because it didn’t necessarily add anything to the overall film and in fact made the whole thing much longer as I was unable to edit out a lot of the hesitations and false starts – something that I am able to do with the sound files. Continue reading “Adilzhan Assignment 5”

Assignment 3 Tutor report form reflections

At this stage I didn’t have the sound recording of Adilzhan, and was considering using a text slide to explain that several months had passed since our first meeting and that his situation had changed somewhat. Continue reading “Assignment 3 Tutor report form reflections”

Production of the photofilms

Taking on board the comments made by the Assessment team about my last digitally-based work, I have kept these photofilms shorter, more focused and with greater clarity of purpose and concept. While this has meant that I was unable to include a lot of really valuable and relevant material, it has also necessitated the exercise of stringency in selecting what material (both audio and visual) constitutes each final cut, which was useful exercise in itself. The final products are more professionally finished in my opinion, and are ready to be placed on the client’s webpage. Continue reading “Production of the photofilms”

Lessons learned & further practice

On being flexible: example of changes to my initial assignment

During the initial meeting with Dinara, her mother (Bibigul) explained that Dinara’s CP was caused by their differing blood types. When Dinara was born she was suffering from jaundice, and the lack of action taken by the medical professionals, as well as Bibigul’s lack of awareness, resulted in CP. Possibly, had Bibigul had access to more information, Dinara might not have developed CP. Continue reading “Lessons learned & further practice”

Dinara Assignment 4 Tutor feedback form reflections

Since submitting this film for tutor feedback, I have condensed two slides of text into one, the reason being that I had initially intended to include information from Bibigul about the differing Rhesus factor between her and Dinara that may have caused Dinara’s jaundice. In the event, I did not include this information since it would have meant adding a lot more information from Bibigul, which would have encroached on Dinara’s narrative. Continue reading “Dinara Assignment 4 Tutor feedback form reflections”