Amanat – Fifth visit

I wanted to capture the feel of university classes that Amanat was attending. Although he is much older than the other students, he is accepted as an equal, and this is what I wanted to get across in the campus images. This series set out to show that Amanat had to study really hard – for the observant will notice that this lecture is actually in English. I aimed to portray Amanat as being on the same level as the other students, while the shots include his wheelchair without drawing unnecessary attention to it – it is simply included as a visual reminder of Amanat’s impairment (see my research on Garland-Thomson).

I tried a number of different angles because the sunlight coming through the windows was against me!

I think I have more than enough material to choose from in the university facilities. Next planned photo session will be Amanat’s graduation ceremony, which is a really important event for both of us!!

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