Corinne Day

Day’s project Diary is available on her website, and promoted as such: “Diary represents 10 years of my life of which I kept an intermittent photographic diary of friends, family, experiences and places I’ve been.”

Shot in a similar snapshot style with stark flash lighting, or grainy and underexposed, the images pull no punches when it comes to documenting the reality of these people’s lives. Intrusive and voyeuristic or ingenious and subtly autobiographical. These are images that tell inside stories, they are about content and not form (indeed, there is very little attempt to make them look anything other than what they are – family snapshots, probably taken with an amateur camera. Although Day has taken images for Vogue, these unpolished pictures speak of a very different side of life from that presented on the glossy pages of fashion magazines. On the other hand, she is credited with having introduced a less polished look to fashion photography with a no-frills series she shot of Kate Moss in her apartment:

The image of Moss encircled with fairy lights in particular is supposed to have introduced the term ‘heroin chic’ to the fashion industry. I’d be interested to see how she exhibited her work – as small snapshots just like in a family album, or blown up… well, just as I hoped, the images are not framed or displayed under glass, and not overly blown up either:

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