Rasso Bruckert, Perfect Imperfection

Another photographer who focuses on disability, Bruckert has chosen to show the disabled body as an object of desire, one that is beautiful and erotic. The photographer says of this work: “For decades there have been these dreadful pictures of us (disabled) in the media – the small, pitiable, disabled person in a corner — often badly photographed. This was always a terrible thing for me, and a sort of motivator that compelled me to try and do way with these belittling “hospital pictures” as I used to call them.”

It is my wish that the photographs grip and intrigue the viewers so that they may sense the beauty, strength and self confidence of the subject.” I think that this is where their strength lies, that and the challenge to the accepted notion that disability and beauty cannot coexist. According to Bruckert’s website, since being in a car accident at the age of 18, he himself has been in a wheelchair, and as such has a very personal investment in this project. Apart from his erotic portrayals of the disabled body, and despite his disdain for ‘hospital pictures’, Bruckert also explores attitudes towards the disabled body in medical science:

This series, titled QA on his website, capture the alienating and humuiliating experience that disabled persons undergo at the hands of the medical profession. This is the excruciating ‘normalising’ process that Davis speaks of and that Wade complained about.

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