Adilzhan – second visit

Second visit

Although I had practically given up hope on Adilzhan, he seems to have sorted out his issues and we have been able to meet up on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, his unreliability has made me keep him on a back burner, and I’m not sure if I’ll use the materials to make a film. In this series, he wanted me to show how he doesn’t just communicate with disabled people, but numbers among his friends able-bodied people as well. This is something that I’ve noticed about disabled people, that they tend not to seek out each others’ company, and there are several reasons for this. Yernar told me that to begin with he couldn’t understand disabled people – in the sense that they were all self-pitying and had no drive, and so he tended to avoid them. Dinara told me that being around non-disabled people helps her to feel ‘normal’, in other words she isn’t focusing on her disability, while it also encourages her to socialise and behave in ‘normal’ ways (shopping, going to the cinema or out dancing). Being accepted as an individual by non-disabled people must be a huge boost to one’s self-confidence.

Adilzhan had invited some friends, Aziz and Natasha, to come over for tea. When I arrived, Adilzhan was showing Aziz his appliqué work that he’s hoping to sell.

After a while we went to the kitchen and sat down to tea. I was after shots that that show the people interacting in a ‘normal’ way.

I tried out a number of angles, to include as many people as possible as well as the table itself. Daylight streaming in from the window played havoc with my light meter and white balance settings. After some time the women left the table and Aziz and Adilzhan were left to more serious man talk. I moved in to get some more close up shots, but looking at them again, I don’t think they function as well as the wider angle shots for this project.

The shots I think will work in the context of this project, since they show Adilzhan interacting with his guests in a relaxed and confident way, though I do need to work on the shadows and white balance:

Afterwards, Adilzhan saw his guests off:

Then we went back inside and Adilzhan began to call up some friends and arrange to visit them. In these photos I wanted to show how he called the taxi and managed to get inside himself. This demonstrates how self-sufficient he is:

I’m not sure if any of these images can be used, but the more material the better. Maybe they can be used as filler – it depends on the content of the interview material.


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