Adilzhan – fifth visit

Fifth visit

This time when I arrived Adilzhan was hard at work, resoling a pair of boots.

It was quite a cold spring day, and Adilzhan was outside in the sunshine. Unfortunately this meant strong shadows and reflected light, so I waited for the sun to go behind the neighbouring house. Although there was no longer direct sunlight on Adilzhan, it was reflected strongly from the fence behind and so the background is blown out in these images.

Taking a wider angle view meant that the background did not get blown out, but then I had the problem of including the peripheral items in the yard, such as garbage and a parked car, which were distracting.

The problem with these pictures will be whether or not they fit in seamlessly with the other images in the film, since they have an entirely different atmosphere to them. On the other hand, when we went inside for tea, I managed to get some nice shots. One thing that is bothering me is that in a lot of the material Adilzhan seems pretty isolated, on his own, which is certainly not the impression I want to give.


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