Douglas McCulloh, Blind Photographers: Vision, Accessibility, and Empowerment in the Museum

I found this review of a travelling exhibition – Sight Unseen: International Photography by Blind Artists, and I was like – what?!? I found the exhibition catalogue online and will look at a few of the photographers whose work or approach interests me.

From the exhibition catalogue: “Sight Unseen, the first major exhibition of work by the world’s most accomplished blind photographers, explores the idea that sight-impaired photographers can see in ways that sighted people cannot.”

McCulloh (who is incidentally the curator) says in his review: “Of course, a blind person making photographs is also a political act. By pressing the camera shutter, the blind lay claim to the visual world. They force a reevaluation of our ideas about sight, blindness, and photography.” I like this idea of laying claim to something. My work is about the subjects laying claim to territory that has been overlooked or denied them by society as a whole, those areas of life such as sexuality/parenthood and occupation/identity.

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